About Us

MYSMARTDRIVE is a service that puts customers in the driver’s seat of an affordable and reliable car.

MyAutocare (Pty) Ltd is a company that develops products for South African motorists.  It specializes in value-added products and services that support niche markets for customers that have a particular need.

MYSMARTDRIVE supports customers who want a safe, reliable car without taking on the burden of finance agreements and long-term maintenance costs.  It enables the customer to have dedicated use over a long-term at a fixed monthly cost, without taking on the risk of ownership.

We own the car.  You drive it.  We pay the insurance and maintenance costs.  You pay a fixed fee for driving the car.

MYSMARTDRIVE is the smart choice.

Safe Motoring that partners Affordable cars with Responsible drivers to form a partnership of Trust

We believe in safe motoring and our customers deserve a safe and convenient drive. MYSMARTDRIVE was designed for that purpose.
We manage our cars proactively and all our vehicles are low mileage, recent models that are serviced regularly
The experience of motoring must be the feeling of freedom, and MYSMARTDRIVE takes all the hassle out of the motoring experience.
Drivers must be over 21 years old and have an unendorsed driver’s license for at least 2 years.
Our customers need value for money, and our product has been designed for a quality experience at a good price
We pair our cars with trustworthy drivers and that’s why we go through a vetting process that enables us to form a good partnership

Talk to us about getting you into a reliable car from MYSMARTDRIVE

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Talk to us about getting you into a reliable car from MYSMARTDRIVE

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